Juicy June – 2014 Edition


Juicy June has finally arrived, and so has our latest publication of the long-awaited 4 Seasons Zine


In this issue you will find loads of tips, tricks, and random inspiration for juicing, blended drinks, and some of our most loved recipes for plant-based delights made using various related methods.

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite and encourage all to participate along with us all month via social media and the Vegan DIY blog on Tumblr.

Each day in June we will follow and respond to questions, images, original
recipes, and topical tips bearing the hashtags #JuicyJune,
#LoraxCommunity, & #4SeasonsZine to the attention of @LoraxCommunity & @VeganDIY managers via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & Tumblr.

Please be sure to follow @LoraxCommunity’s linked social media accounts and attach the aforementioned
tags to any relative media you may wish to have considered for reposts,
social shoutouts, reblogs, and possible entries in some excellent giveaway opportunities.

To order your physical copy, please snail mail your information to the following address:

Lorax Community
c/o Michael Ray Menjivar
P.O. Box 331343
Pacoima CA, 91333-1343

…along with suggested donation of USD $10.

All orders placed for hard copies of the zine also include a digital PDF copy that will be emailed to you, and will also enter you into a drawing for some nice prizes kindly donated by our sponsors.


Special thanks to Glass Dharma, Raw Veganista, DreamingD Enterprises, LA-Artist, Michael Ray de Los Angeles, and YOU for donations, skilled assistance, sponsorship, and ongoing support for 4 Seasons Zine, Vegan DIY, & numerous other LORAX Community Kitchen projects.


Sprout Herb Pencils

Pencils in the kitchen? What’s that about?
Sprout herb pencils are in fact a simple, innovative, and practically perfect recycling idea!
Each of these charming writing (or sketching) instruments is tipped with a water-activated seed capsule which can be planted in soil after the writing element has been used up.
After a short while, your diminished pencils will grow into something living, delicious, newly beneficial to your life and our planet.

These would make wonderful holiday (or any time) gifts, and are available for purchase from the Who’d Have Thought? website.

Sunflower Love

Did you know that a sunflower head is made up of thousands of little flowers?

Do you know why sunflowers face the sun?

Were you aware that the Aztecs worshiped these flowers, and considered them to be a form of a solar deity worthy of gold reproduction, installation in their holy temples and sacred rituals?

Please click the image below to read more interesting facts in our infographic ode to sunflowers:

 There are so many reasons to love sunflowers! We simply adore these beautiful blossoms, thrive on their many nutritional benefits they provide in the form of seeds, and find it impossible to feel unhappy around them.

We hope you have enjoyed this post, and will spread some sunflower love with family and friends.


Keep the Juices Flowin’

June is nearly over but that does not mean that creative juices have to stop. Below are a few ideas to keep you going through the summer and beyond. As a reminder, the “Juicy June Dharma Glass Straw Give Away” is almost over– so get your name in the hat. Ya’ have ta be in it to win it.

Another Juicy Mornin’
4 Strawberries
1 sliced Apple
A few drops of liquid chlorophyll
 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
3 teaspoons of Chia seed
1/2 tablespoon of Raw Cacao
1 Banana (and if you have your own tree call me :D)
1 Shot of apple cider vinegar
 2 Drops of iodine w/kelp
1 dash of Himalayan salt
1 1/2 cups of Filtered water


Juicy Goodness In A Glass

Yes, there is something about warm weather, sunshine and fruit that just screams summer lovin’. In combination these elements are a trinity of Earthly goodness. Today I would like to share a part of that Earthly goodness through this video “Juicy June/July.” There are a few ingredients that used and an emphasis on making enough to freeze and save (or perhaps savor) later. In any case I do hope that you enjoy this delicious drink recipe.

*The recipe calls for Kombucha, but could potentially be substituted for 50ml of apple cider vinegar. I recognize that the fermented drink is not accessible everywhere and thus recommend the apple cider vinegar as a substitute.

Raw Butternut Squash & Apple Soup


  • ½ butternut squash, peeled and chopped
  • 2 apples of choice, chopped
  • 2 green onions, chopped (optional)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt (add more to taste)
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 2 cups water with 2 Tbsp coconut butter or 2 cups nut, seed, or other plant milk (we used coconut)

– Place all items in Vitamix (high speed blender), blend until smooth and slightly above body temperature (no higher than 110º F). 
– Garnish as desired and serve.

New Affiliate (+special offers) – Tampa Bay Organics

We are pleased to welcome our newest affiliated small business in Central Florida!

Tampa Bay Organics is kindly offering special discounts and promotional items for friends of Lorax Community in Tampa Bay (& surrounding area) who sign up for their wonderfully convenient delivery service!
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At long last, we are also pleased to announce that all systems are finally GO for Lorax Community Purchasing Alliance in Spring Hill, Florida! We are now able to offer delicious organic produce from local sources AND fabulous prices on other delectable fruit, nuts, & specialty raw food items from some of our incredible affiliate businesses (such as Pedro’s Avocado Ranch & CaliMac Nut Company in Fallbrook, CA) to members of our collective.

Those interested in joining our newly formed private cooperative are encouraged to visit http://LoraxCommunity.org/contact and drop us a note for more information, password, and instructions for signup.